Gingrich: Mitt Romney Is A Liberal French Guy, Or Something


This ad is almost comical. In fact, it would be comical if it weren't so sad. Newt's campaign smacks of desperation.

I was with them through all of the policy stuff. Voting for Democrats, pro-choice, against Reagan/Bush. But then they throw the strangest attack in there at the end: John Kerry speaking French, then Mitt Romney speaking French (albeit poorly). This is supposed to be some big, scary indictment of Mitt Romney?

Honestly. How is speaking a different language a bad thing?

Postscript: Even though I disagree with the premise of the ad, the title is a winner. "The French Connection". YES.

UPDATE: reader Cory sends a link to the Passport blog at Foreign Policy. As it turns out, Newt speaks more-than-a-little French himself:
Newt not only had enough French to "survive" when venturing into town for a baguette, he had a strong enough command of the language to write a doctoral thesis of Belgian colonial policies in the Congo that cites multiple French-language original sources.

So either Gingrich never actually read Pierre Wigny's seminal 1955 work "Dix Anées historiques et perspectives d'avenir au Congo" as he claims in a footnote on page 250 or the Belgian senate's 1947 "Rapport de la Mission Sénatoriale au Congo Belge" as he claims on page 245, or his French is a hell of a lot better than Romney's (and probably Kerry's). J'accuse!
Thanks Cory!