John Stossel: Young People Shouldn't Vote

Admittedly, the post title is something of an oversimplification. Here's exactly what Stossel argues:
I’m not saying we should have a test or something. But this endless cheerleading — let’s go to the rock concerts and register the kids. And the kids aren’t paying attention. And it’s important in a democracy, it’s important to vote. And these are important issues. The people who participate ought to be the ones who pay attention… I’m just saying we shouldn’t have these “Get Out The Vote” campaigns and make these statements: “Everyone has to vote. It’s your patriotic duty!” Well if you’re not paying attention, I think it’s your patriotic duty not to vote.
My emphasis.

There is a subtext here that John Stossel is not verbalizing; "these 'Get Out The Vote' campaigns" typically favor the Democratic party. So, I can see where this might be frustrating to Stossel.

Okay Mr. Stossel, let me ask you a question: Would these 'get out the vote' events be so bad if they benefited conservative candidates?

Also worth noting,

While Stossel raises a good point about voter awareness of issues and candidates, the idea that it's just young voters who are woefully misinformed is foolish. Period.

But, what really troubles me about Stossel's argument here is the notion that in our great republic Americans should have to prove that they are knowledgeable enough to vote. On what basis? Via what mode? Stossel says "I'm not we should have a test". Well then Mr. Stossel, what should we have?

The idea that one would need to prove anything other than their citizenship to vote is preposterous, on many levels.