Jon Huntsman's (New?) Voice

At the debate yesterday morning, Jon Huntsman took a criticism from Mitt Romney and turned it on its head. It appears that this may be a new talking point for Mr. Huntsman:
Later [Sunday] afternoon, at a coffee shop miles away from the stage, Huntsman was asked if he felt that he “found his voice.”

Clad in his signature bomber jacket emblazoned with “Governor Huntsman” and an American flag, Huntsman did not politely steer away from attacking his rival as he is wont to do. For once, he capitalized on the attack and fired back.

“Let's just be honest about it. I put my country first. Apparently, Mitt Romney doesn't believe in putting country first,” Huntsman told reporters. “He's got this bumper sticker that says ‘believe in America.’ How can you believe in America when you're not willing to serve America? That's just phony nonsense.”

Referring to Romney’s ubiquitous blue bumper stickers and signs that far outnumber his red counterparts along New Hampshire roads, Huntsman explained a position he and his wife Mary Kaye have articulated ad nauseam at more than 160 public events across the state.

“I say I served my country, I step up when my president asked and I always will, its part of my philosophy. I know it may be hard for Mitt Romney and some people to take, but most of America is with me because in the end they want this America to be working together.”
My emphasis.

This is what Huntsman should be doing -- embracing and even taunting his service as Ambassador to China in the Obama administration.

The big question is this: Is anyone even listening to Huntsman?