Limbaugh Blasts McCain's Endorsement Of Mitt Romney

El Rushbo:
Rush Limbaugh played long excerpts of Santorum’s heartfelt Election Night speech, defended him against the rap that he’s a “big-government conservative” and mocked Romney for his endorsement from McCain on Wednesday.

“The man who could not beat Obama teamed up with the man who could not even beat McCain,” said Limbaugh of McCain and Romney. “What a deadly combination.”
My emphasis.

Now, it's not very often that I I never agree with Rush Limbaugh, but he has a good -- albeit snarky -- point here.

In the Republican primary in 2008, Mitt Romney was the runner-up. He finished second-place to John McCain, who then went on to lose to then-Senator Barack Obama in the general election.

Now granted, the times and situation have changed a bit; Obama largely ran on an anti-George W. Bush platform in 2008. As I've argued before, that platform won't cut it this time around. Obama has been the President for four years now and people will likely vote for him (or against him) based on his record, not George W. Bush's.

Still, Rush makes a strangely compelling argument for a non-Romney candidate to run against President Obama. For example, either one of the Ricks (Perry or Santorum) would be a 'new' candidate in the presidential race.

Though neither of them will be able to win it all.

Rush, you and the rest of the Republican "pillars" (the article's moniker, not mine) should really take a good hard look at the cards you have been dealt. You may not like his northeastern brand of conservatism -- and you are being very vocal about that -- but right now he appears to be the only viable candidate to give Barack Obama a run for his (and his supporters') money.