New Gingrich Ad Asks, "What Kind Of Man Would Deceive?"

And the answer is "this man".

Wow. They're using stuff from last night's debate. Talk about rapid response...

UPDATE: Mike Huckabee responds to the use of his clip in the above ad:
Any use of an out of context quote from the Republican Presidential primary 4 years ago in a political ad to advocate for the election or defeat of another candidate is not authorized, approved, or known in advance by me. I have made it clear that I have not and do not anticipate making an endorsement in the GOP primary, but will support the nominee. My hope is to defeat Barack Obama and win majorities in both the House and Senate, not to attack any of the Presidential candidates who might be our nominee.
Well, the boat sailed on that one Huck because Newt TOTALLY used you to smear Mitt Romney.

Just sayin'.