Newt Gingrich Appears To Have Lied About ABC News Story

The story in bullet points.

a. During Monday's debate, he said that he offered ABC "several" personal friends to dispute his ex-wife, Marianne's "open marriage" claims.

ABC said it received no such offer of personal friends, countering that Newt's daughters were the only ones offered and that they were, indeed, included in the story.

b. One day later, he repeated the "several" personal friends line to CNN and said it was "just plain baloney" when ABC denied Newt's claim.

c. Yesterday, Newt's spokesman finally fessed up, and admitted that the "several" personal friends were, simply, his two daughters, and nobody else.
If Mitt Romney's campaign doesn't capitalize on Newt's egregious error, they're stupid.

The argument doesn't have to be about Marianne Gingrich either. The argument that Romney -- or Santorum & Paul -- should make is that Newt is simply untrustworthy. Gingrich came out guns-a-blazin' at the CNN debate. He slammed John King and ABC News for their irresponsible reporting.

But it seems that Gingrich was the irresponsible one.