A Rare Response From Matt Drudge

While Matt Drudge clearly has bias in how he posts stories at the Drudge Report, he rarely makes overt commentary in response to charges of bias.

So, I was quite surprised when I visited his site today and saw that he has a link to a POLITICO story in which Fred Thompson declares that the Romney campaign has "got Matt Drudge in their back pocket" [it's actually a story from the New York Times to which POLITICO is linking].

Underneath the Drudge headline, "FRED DECLARES: Romney has 'DRUDGE in back pocket'..." Matt Drudge has placed three links. Each link goes to an archived page of the Drudge Report.

Link #1
Link #2
Link #3

The best part: Drudge uses some particularly snarky emoticons for the links [click image to embiggen]: