Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated On Corpses

I haven't talked about it, because I felt that it was outside of political bounds for my site **. But, in case you missed it, here is some background.

Now, Rick Perry:

Sullivan reacts:
We know a little bit more about him now, don't we? He'd be happy to see Ben Bernanke lynched. He'd re-invade Iraq. And he'd also celebrate the counter-productive, obscene and profane pissing on enemy corpses by a handful of Marines in Afghanistan. That's the kind of thuggish mindset we have come to expect from a man who appears to be a walking parody of a troglodyte.

But where he truly captures the spirit of the current GOP is in saying that by disciplining these Marines - as urged by the Pentagon and any sane person who actually respects the Armed Services' professionalism and ethics - the White House and State Department have revealed a "disdain" for the military. Seriously. Of course, the opposite is true. Finding anything to approve of in the errant Marine's disgrace is to disdain the quality of the US military.

But Perry, like Romney, will say anything to smear the commander in chief as a traitor.
My emphasis.

So, after I looked-up the word 'troglodyte', I must say that I am once again in agreement with Sullivan.

Perry -- and anyone else who is criticizing Obama/DoD/Pentagon over this scandal -- is saying that we should support and praise any action taken by U.S. military personnel.

While I applaud the feeling of support for any person who dons a uniform in the defense of our country, there is a line that ought not be crossed. Pardon my language here but, these dudes f**kin' crossed the line. There is nothing that I find defensible in the actions of these few soldiers.

Granted, the bodies are allegedly those of the Taliban -- but that does not excuse the heinous acts of these few soldiers.

Rule 113 of the Geneva Conventions -- which the United States adheres to -- states:
Each party to the conflict must take all possible measures to prevent the dead from being despoiled. Mutilation of dead bodies is prohibited.
Now, call me crazy, but pissing on dead bodies probably counts as 'being despoiled'.

These Marines were wrong -- and they should be punished for breaking military rules. Plain and simple. This does not mean that I dislike, or disrespect our military. This does not mean that I somehow support America's enemies. It simply means that these few Marines -- not all Marines -- have done wrong and should be tried for their crimes. If and when they are found guilty, they should be punished accordingly.

I have the highest respect for anyone in any branch of the U.S. military. But, the soldiers that perpetrated this act do not. By desecrating the dead bodies this way (or any way), these Marines have disrespected not only the deceased, but also every other member of the United States' armed forces.

Rick Perry is simply adding his voice to the echo chamber of conservatives who will look for any reason to criticize the President. Even if said criticism is not based in reason.

** I normally stick to politics. I feel that, prior to Rick Perry and others politicizing the situation, the urinating on dead bodies was strictly a military issue.