Mitt Romney Wins Florida

And how.

In case you are just logging-on to the interwebs today, here is the video of Mitt Romney's winner speech from last night:

Despite what seems to be something of a conservative resistance to supporting him, Mitt Romney didn't just win in Florida, he blew out Newt Gingrich by nearly 15 points:

[image via Politico]

Given the general-election tone of Romney's speech last night, he clearly views himself as the REpublican nominee for President. Maggie Haberman:
Romney’s election night speech, in which he mentioned Newt Gingrich only to congratulate him, left no doubt that Team Mitt is now heading into general election mode after a commanding victory in Florida.

The focus was almost entirely on President Barack Obama, whom Romney excoriated repeatedly.

It marked a major shift from Romney’s South Carolina election night speech, in which he addressed his lopsided loss by giving Gingrich a tongue-lashing, albeit without naming him.

This time, Romney gave a forward-looking speech that talked about the party uniting after a bitter primary, in a tone similar to his words after his New Hampshire victory.

Now, on to Nevada...