On The Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Advertisement

Ah, the Super Bowl. A time to gather around the television with loved ones and eat copious amounts of dips, dogs, and other varying trans-fat-laden treats.

It's also a time to reflect on the things for which you are thankful, and watch overly-hyped and ridiculously expensive commercials for the things which you wish that you had.

My favorite Big Game ads this year were the teaser trailers for G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Avengers, the Doritos "Man's Best Friend" ad, and the Acura ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld.

The former two ads are simply bad-ass-looking action flicks that I'll want to see later this year, while I felt that the latter two were the funniest of the funny ads.

I thought that the requisite 'sexy' ads from (and .co?), Fiat, and Teleflora were tired and cliché. 'Buy this product and you'll get some sex'. Really advertisers? That's been done. A lot.

However, I think that the most interesting spot was the Chrysler ad that features Clint Eastwood:

Eastwood's scratchy voice reverberates off of the tunnel walls as he walks from the field towards the locker-rooms. He talks about how America has been down, but is never out. About how people in America have been concerned about how America will come back from the precipice. About how jobs are coming back -- and specifically the city of Detroit has experienced the ups and downs. How, despite 'division and discord', Americans (and companies like *ahem* Chrysler) are pulling together and manufacturing once again.

I must admit that initially this ad, dubbed "Halftime In America", sounded like something out of the Obama 2012 playbook to me.

Lately I have realized that, given my penchant for all-things-politics, I have started to see just about everything through a political lens of sorts. I have come to the unfortunate realization that I cannot just sit back and enjoy something that is supposed to be entertaining or thought-provoking without trying to find the hidden political ideology or agenda.

Songs. Speeches. Television shows. Movies. Advertisements. I feel like I am constantly looking at these things and trying to find the partisan bend, whether it is there or not.

And so it is with this Super Bowl ad.

But, after watching the ad a few times at my desk this morning -- and taking off my Cynical Hat -- I've found that this is a very good ad. I think that Eastwood is a good vehicle to deliver this inspirational message because he is not the elitist liberal Democrat that much of the conservative movement tries to paint big-time Hollywood actors. Quite the contrary, actually.

Chrysler's CEO Sergio Marchionne took to the radio today to defend accusations that the spot is political in nature:
It has zero political content. The message is sufficiently universal and neutral that it should be appealing to everybody in this country and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t get utilized as political fodder in a debate.
Good luck with that buddy.

I'm not going to hold my breath. BUT, on the off-chance that a political cynic like myself is reading this, I'd like to hear opinions other than my own. Please sound-off below, if you are interested.

Here's to looking at things with a more open mind...