Romney Receives Endorsement From The Arizona Republic

Arizona's largest newspaper gets behind the former Governor of Massachusetts. Although, the opinion begins as a not-so-ringing-endorsement of Romney (emphasis mine):
Not only is the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, best prepared, according to those criteria, of all the remaining GOP presidential hopefuls. He is also among the most skilled job-creating candidates for chief executive we can imagine.

The Arizona Republic recommends that, in Tuesday's primary election, Republican voters support Mitt Romney for president.

There are better orators in American politics. Indeed, the Democrats appear to have one. And certainly there are Republicans who better project the passion for the office they seek. Steady, unflappable Romney would not a "passion president" make.

But there is eloquence in achievement. And, for the task at hand, as defined by Republicans themselves, the real-world achievements of Mitt Romney far surpass those of virtually all the lifelong politicians against whom he is competing.
But the Republic continues on, and takes a few minor shots at Romney's compeitition:
[W]e believe Romney is the most prudent, responsible and electable of the four GOP candidates still actively competing.

Especially when compared with the unpredictable volatility of a Newt Gingrich, Romney's steady demeanor is a great asset. Unlike Gingrich, who set off international alarm bells with his careless reference to Palestinians as an "invented people," Romney has raised no eyebrows. In debates, his foreign-policy views reflect a deep grasp of American interests overseas, particularly as they apply to the Middle East generally and Afghanistan in particular.

This is not a moment for culture warriors like Rick Santorum. And while we believe Romney has solid family values that mirror much of what Santorum preaches, he does not wear his beliefs on his sleeve.

And speaking of the man's values, those very family values that Romney quietly exudes constitute an eloquent response of their own to those who contend the wealthy Romney is "out of touch" with the common person.

Yes, out-of-context declarations like "I enjoy firing people" and "I don't care about the poor" contribute to the caricature of a rich swell, akin to that of Donald Trump. Really? Where are the trophy wives? The ostentatious lifestyle? The garish displays of life among the rich and famous? You will have to look hard.

Romney's link to the middle class is in the way he lives. With his one and only wife, Ann, and with his five sons. In a time of enormous social upheaval, he is remarkable for maintaining a wholly unsensational personal life.

The advantages Romney has brought to this primary race, including his superior organization and successful fundraising, are further evidence of his superiority over his competitors. Both Santorum and Gingrich failed to make the primary ballot in their adopted home state of Virginia. That is not a mistake the efficient Romney organization would make.

Mitt Romney is by far the best candidate to represent Republicans in the coming race against President Obama. He is best prepared to do what needs to be done, which is nothing less than restoring the American economy.
It is difficult to read those comparisons to Gingrich and Santorum, and disagree with the editors of The Arizona Republic.

Photo: Alex Brandon/AP photo