Are Rich People Unethical? (Infographic)

I thought that this infographic was interesting. The "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" tagline notwithstanding, at first I thought that this would be a 'hit piece' on rich people -- then I started reading the research (the source links at the bottom of the graphic). Craziness:
Researchers focused on social class — a person's relative standing in society in terms of wealth, occupational prestige and education. Lower-class folk, living with fewer resources, might seem more driven to behave unethically to improve their lot, the researchers suspected. However, upper-class individuals, having greater resources, might have more latitude to focus solely on themselves, giving rise to unethical behavior.
Check out the infographic -- and the source material as well. Highly thought-provoking.

Rich People Are Unethical
Created by: Accounting Degree Online