Live-Blogging Super Tuesday

6:02 am -- Just woke up to the news that Mitt Romney has won all three remaining primary contests in Alaska, Idaho, and Ohio.

More later.

10:56 pm -- And it looks like Mitt Romney may yet eke out a win in Ohio. I won't see it, because I'm headed to bed.

More tomorrow.

10:45 pm -- Still waiting on Ohio results. Approximately 2,500 votes separate Romney and Santorum with over 80% of precincts reporting. Wow.

10:17 pm -- Confession: it is past my usual bedtime.

I'm going to try to stick it out until the results for Ohio come in, as the Buckeye State is the 'big prize' for Super Tuesday. But, once Ohio has been determined, I'm OUT.

10:06 pm -- Mitt Romney just finished speaking to his supporters. Largely boilerplate stump-speech stuff.

And CNN just projected a win for Rick Santorum in the North Dakota Republican caucuses. A third win for Santorum.

9:41 pm -- Rick Santorum addressed his supporters and used the same rhetoric that he has been using all throughout the campaign. He hit "Obamacare" a lot, and talked about families and the Greatest Generation.

Right now, Santorum is winning in Ohio -- but that could change...

9:01 pm -- CNN projects that Rick Santorum has won the Oklahoma Republican primary. This is Santorum's second win tonight.

Ohio continues to be too close to call.

8:45 pm -- during an address to his supporters, Newt Gingrich is taking not-so-veiled shots at REPUBLICANS. A very surprising tone.

8:37 pm -- CNN has predicted that Rick Santorum will win the Tennessee Republican primary. This is Santorum's first win tonight.

8:28 pm -- on CNN, Sarah Palin said that if the Republican convention turned into a brokered convention, she would not stop anyone from putting her name into the mix.

8:20 pm -- Mitt Romney has been declared the winner in his home state of Massachusetts as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Vermont.

Newt Gingrich has won his home state of Georgia.

Neither Rick Santorum or Ron Paul have won any states. Yet.