Last Night's #PoliticoLive Election Coverage

So, as I was watching the (painfully slow) returns come in from Alabama and Mississippi last night, I was prodded by the Twitter Machine to check out C-SPAN, as they were carrying Politico's live-stream coverage of the primary results.

I have to say that Jim VandeHei and company did a very good job -- despite the fact that they do not usually run an on-air operation.

It was interesting to see all of the journalists and bloggers (Maggie Haberman, Mike Allen, John Harris, Jonathan Martin, Alexander Burns, and Patrick Gavin, to name a few), many of whom I read on a daily basis, on the airwaves speaking directly to political nerds like Yours Truly.

But my question, that went unanswered by the folks at Politico, relates to this image that I grabbed with my iPhone, around 9:30 p.m.:

Why the double chyron?

All evening long (while I was watching, at least), They kept a steady chyron along the bottom of the screen, showing the most up-to-date election results.

But the second, more narrow upper chyron seemed a bit out-of-place to me. Anyone who was on screen got a very strange bar across their chest with their name on it.

If any of my media-friendly readers out there know the reasoning, please don't be shy.