Michelle Malkin Slams Obama's 'Apology' For Quran-Burning

I meant to put up a post about this one last week, but never got to it.
Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was a guest on Fox and Friends Thursday, and angrily tore into President Obama‘s explanation that his apology for the burning of Korans in Afghanistan calmed things down, saying it was an utter failure.

“First of all, the apology didn’t work, obviously,” Malkin observed. “And it is just a measure of how much Obama lives in unreality.”


“That he could claim, bald-facedly, that it ‘calmed things down’ — maybe he’s engaging in psychological projection and it calmed him down a little bit, but obviously after the apology became public, there were still riots and now even more American servicemen are dead,” Malkin said. “I think that that statement was also a very craven admission that there was nothing sincere in his apologies. There never is. And that this kind of apologitis that marked the Obama Administration is nothing more than appeasement. And as anyone who actually has paid attention to the history of jihad in the world — appeasement is never something that squelches fires. Appeasement is more gas on the flames of jihad and this is a recipe for even more dead American men and women around the world.”
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So, Malkin would have the United States continue to wage war on varying religions around the world then? Or perhaps Malkin thinks that the President -- and the rest of his administration -- should have just ignored the event? Maybe it would have just blown over and there would not have been any riots or reaction?

Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Aside from being our country's Commander-in-Chief, the President is the top diplomat. If the President is seen as, well, a dickhead and insensitive to other religions, nations or peoples -- then the United States is also seen that way.

While I don't like to see our nation's Chief Executive 'apologizing' for anything our country does (who does like to apologize for anything, ever?!), sometimes it is a necessary action. I think that the President did the right thing here.

Here's the issue that Michelle Malkin should be focusing here laser-like attention on: It's not the burning that has Muslims pissed-off -- it's how the Quarans were burned.

In the immediate aftermath of the "scandal", NPR did a great piece on what various religions around the world see as acceptable methods of disposal for religious texts:
The Quran is considered to be the speech of God to humankind — word for word — explains Imam Johari Abdul-Malik.

"The traditional way of disposing of used or damaged copies of the text of the Quran is by burning it," he says.

But Malik, the director of outreach for the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va., says that doesn't include burning it with the trash.
That's what U.S. officials say mistakenly happened with the Qurans in Afghanistan. The burning of Qurans at a NATO airbase near Kabul led to days of rioting by Muslims who say it was a desecration of their holy book and an affront to Islam. President Obama has since apologized for the incident.

Islam certainly isn't the only religion that has rules about how to handle its sacred text. Many faiths prescribe specific rituals for disposing of them, and the bottom line is respect for the words on the page.
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So, once again, we have overly-heated, overly-critical rhetoric coming from Malkin. Shocking.