Mitt Romney Is Sketchy

Heh. See what I did there?

So, if you've been living under a rock, or super-busy at work like me, you might have missed the now over-played gaffe by Romney campaign Communications Director Eric Fehrnstrom:

The issue here is election strategy.

Fehrnstrom was not saying that Romney is a malleable candidate who 'erases' past political stances in favor of what is currently more acceptable. Here we have an adviser telling it like it is. During the primary, a candidate has to play to the base of his or her party -- in this case Republicans -- then switch their strategy during a general election. After coalescing a base of Republican support in the primaries, Romney will need to pivot to try to garner support from moderate Democrats and independent voters.

What works to get votes during a primary does not necessarily do so during a general election. As much as people hate to hear it, general elections are won in "the middle".

That said, Romney's fellow Republicans didn't waste any time to pile-on...

Rick Santorum had some fun with the remarks. Newt Gingrich, too, took some shots at the comments as well (and droned on about it for some time). And both candidates used Etch a Sketch props. Ouch.

So, that's just the other GOP contenders. The DNC weighs in:

...and the pro-President Obama PAC "American Bridge" gets a shot in as well:

I'm sure that Fehrnstrom -- and Romney himself -- wishes that they could have a re-do on that interview. Needless to say, the reactions have been more-than-predictable. But, in a campaign that has had more twists, turns, and front-runners than I can count, I can't say that I'm surprised.