On The Identity Of The Pajama Pundit

There you have it. You know my name. Because The Google is f**king stupid, I have been outed.

Earlier today, I was messing around in Google+ and in my account dashboard, I was told that I was in "violation of Google's Name Policy". The account prompted me to get rid of my awesomely-unoriginal-yet-still-anonymous-pseudonym "The Pajama Pundit" and opt for my real name.

When I started this blogging thing in 2007, I didn't want people to know my name or identity. Not because I was worried about any sort of backlash or retribution -- I barely had enough readers to fill a Mini Cooper. Rather, I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that my site's anonymity provided. I felt that I could speak write more openly, to say what is was on my mind, knowing that my "true identity" was not attached to what I was saying.

Also, back then I was a stay-at-home-dad who was hopeful that he would once again be gainfully employed someday -- and the notion that some crazy political rantings might jeopardize that possibility was not appealing.

Okay, maybe my rantings aren't that crazy. But I digress...

Welcome. To the Google Impasse.

Google+ was telling me to change my name -- divulge my "true identity" -- or to delete my Google+ profile. Thinking that I might be able to 'game the system', I figured that I would cancel my G+ profile and simply use the Blogger account that I've had for nearly six years.


They are all interwoven. All of the Google products have been absorbed into each other. Google is not unlike the Borg -- it has all been assimilated! I deleted my G+ profile, and in doing so deleted the Blogger account. Oh goodie!

After working hard to retrieve what I could, I pieced together my online life -- Picasa, Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, et al. -- and have hopefully salvaged most of it.

That said, I am unable to maintain my anonymous moniker. Note the "posted by" byline at the top of each and every post -- yup. That's me.

So, for the first time ever on this site: Hi. My name is Bert.

Oh, and just to cover my own behind -- do note that the opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my employer or anyone else with whom I work.

Crap. Now I'm going to have to update the disclaimer and credits. Curse you Google.