Regarding That "Revelatory" Video On Barack Obama Hugging Derrick Bell

Really gang? Is this the best you can do?
Although some may feel differently, the bottom line is that the bulk of Americans do not consider Barack Obama a dangerous radical who plans to remove the white and blue from the American flag if he’s elected to a second term. Many Democratic liberals feel Obama has turned out to be too moderate. Many voters may not like Obama, they may feel he was a huge disappointment, they may consider him inept, they feel he is too liberal for their tastes — but a dangerous, foaming at the mouth radical?

It’s one more example of how American politics now revolves around the small battles and mini issues — even battles that are synthetic battles, hyped up to be battles by partisans but of no interest to the average American. These battles can drive up website hits, they can drive up ratings on ideological political shows, they can boots the profile and/or speaking fees of those who push these synthetic battles and involve pushing partisans’ hot buttons.

But the average person will look at this and say: Who cares? So what? And why did you waste my time?

Which is the reaction on this one, no matter how many details people write about Bell’s life or beliefs or activities.
In other words, if this is what the Republicans and conservative activists plan to use to try to make Barack Obama a one-term President -- then we'll have another four years of the same.

Good luck with that one guys. Oy.