"The Sweet 2016"

I'd like to introduce you to my first post with the "Election 2016" tag. Damn.

Over at The Fix, Chris Cillizza has developed his own "bracketology" -- as it relates to politics in the 2016 Presidential election. Yikes.
The NCAA has the Sweet 16. The Fix has the Sweet 2016. (It’s kind of like in “Coming to America”: “They’re McDonald’s... I’m McDowell’s. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs.”.)

In our bracket we have seeded the top eight Democrats and top eight Republicans considered — by us — to be their party’s leading presidential candidates in 2016.

(Disclaimer: Yes, we know that if President Obama loses in November the Republican nomination race for president won’t be competitive in 2016. But for the purposes of this exercise — and because “Sweet 2016” sounds better than “Sweet 2020” — we are going with the idea that 2016 will be an open fight for both parties’ nominations. This contest is in no way a indication of how we think the 2012 presidential race will turn out.)
Here's the bracket:

So, Cillizza & Co. want us to vote. Voting for the first round matchups will be open through Wednesday evening. After tabulation of votes, winners will move to the electoral equivalent of the Elite Eight for voting on Thursday. Final Four voting on Monday of next week, followed by an overall winner on April 2nd. You can vote here.

Obviously, this game is highly theoretical and, per the disclaimer above, assumes quite a bit for the 2012 election. But, I'm a political nerd (like I'm sure many of you are -- or you wouldn't be reading this), so I'm going to check it out and vote. I'll continue to update this page, in case you want to follow along.

My votes for round one:

Dems: Quomo, O'Malley, Warner, Patrick
GOP: Rubio, Bush, McDonnell, Christie