Bob Beckel Drops An F-Bomb On Hannity's Show

WARNING: this clip is not edited. There are no 'bleeps' -- this is the raw footage.

A rude, if not somewhat funny moment from Sean Hannity's show on Fox News Channel on Monday night.

But, Beckel's profanity aside, I've got a metaphorical bone to pick with both Beckel and his co-panelist Jennifer Stefano. Both of them speak about "right wingers" and "typical liberals" as if they know each and every person of those respective viewpoints. As if all liberals do not have any personal responsibility.

Both Beckel and Stefano look like idiots here. But, Beckel moreso. For reasons that are obvious.

And in a funny, response-y type thing on The Five yesterday, here is Beckel putting money in a 'swear jar'. Nice touch.