James Bond To Appear During Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Apparently, the London Games are embracing one of the most iconic British characters of all time:
The 2012 Olympic Games in London are getting a little help from a familiar friend. After receiving a personal invitation from the Queen herself, Daniel Craig agreed to, and shot, an introduction to the upcoming summer Olympics for director Danny Boyle. The Slumdog Millionaire helmer has been busy putting together the Opening Ceremonies, and apparently Bond/Craig will play a part in the opening video entitled “The Arrival.” Sequences were shot at Buckingham palace, and rumors abound that the Queen herself will be making an appearance.


Apparently Bond arrives at Buckingham Palace by royal appointment and is informed of his mission to open the games. He proceeds to be flown via helicopter to the Olympic stadium, where he parachutes into the arena. Boyle and Co. shot the spot with real helicopters and parachutes, so it appears we’re in for one hell of an opening ceremony. It’s gonna be tough to top Beijing’s opening, but having James Bond onboard certainly can’t hurt (it’s not too late to beg for a Sean Connery cameo). Craig is currently shooting the next Bond film, Skyfall, which opens on November 9th.
It will be tough to top the opening ceremony from the Bejing games -- and I'm not sure that Daniel Craig's appearance here will help much.

Still, if done right, it could be cool.