Joe Scarborough: Mitt Romney Is Not A Conservative

In a short, strange, video-bloggish-looking thing, Morning Joe himself makes the case that Mitt Romney is not a conservative:

His final words in the piece, "Conservatives get ready; this ain't gonna be pretty" are spot-on.

Short of a landscape-changing event in the Republican primary, Mitt Romney will be that party's nominee for the presidency. When that happens, there are going to be a lot of conservatives -- who consider themselves to be outside of the "establishment" -- who will be very upset.

While the party will eventually coalesce around Romney, I think that he will need to tread lightly in the immediate aftermath of his nomination. While he will need to be tacking back toward the political center for the general election, he will also need to be reassuring to the conservative base.

It will be a very awkward dance -- played out in a very public fashion.

And, predictably, Scarborough is now having to defend what he said.