Little Slugger

My son's baseball team (Go Bluejays!) has been practicing three nights a week for the past month. Even though he has done basketball and is an avid soccer player, this is the Boy's first year playing baseball. I'll be honest, I was a bit worried that because he didn't participate in tee-ball, he would be a bit behind.

The Boy is part of the 8-year-old "instructional league" -- where coaches pitch to the players, and there are no 'walks'. Each kid gets 10 pitches to hit the ball, or strike out.

Here's a good example from last Thursday's first game scrimmage:

My Boy is doing just fine. And yes, that was me saying, "Good hit." with so much fatherly enthusiasm.

At Saturday's game, my son was at-bat four times. He hit three singles and a triple. Needless to say, I was beaming.