Newt Gingrich To Bow Out Of Primary Contest

Following his five-state shutout this week, Newt Gingrich will suspend his year-long campaign for president on Tuesday, multiple sources close to the campaign confirmed.

He will return to the Washington D.C. area, where he has lived since leaving office, to make the announcement official, they said.

Despite an acrimonious relationship during the campaign with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, the sources close to the former House speaker said that Gingrich was “very likely” to endorse Romney on Tuesday. But it remains to be seen just how hard Gingrich will campaign for him.

The delay in the dropout announcement is to allow for family and staff spread around the country to travel to Washington to participate in the announcement, a source explained.
Of course, the Gingrich campaign has been UN-officially done since Super Tuesday, when the candidate won only his home state of Georgia.

The entire trip was a tough slog for Gingrich -- an uphill battle, as it were. The question in my mind is, how enthusiastic will Newt Gingrich be of Mitt Romney for President? The last few months have been particularly brutal between the campaigns...