Condoleezza Rice Doesn't Want To Be Vice President

...and I can't say that I can blame her, given the 2008 campaign:
Condoleezza Rice won’t be Mitt Romney’s running mate, she said Thursday in Chicago.

Rice firmly opposed rumors about her potential to run alongside the presumptive Republican presidential nominee during a speech to 1,500 at the Executives’ Club of Chicago.

“Not going to happen,” she told the audience. “I love policy, I don’t really love politics. … One can do a lot with policy not in Washington.”

Last month CNN pollsters asked Republican voters their opinions on seven rumored VP candidates. Rice led the poll with 26 percent of those surveyed preferring her. Rice has denied any interest in the position since her name emerged.

The former Secretary of State was invited to the Chicago luncheon to speak about her stance on foreign and domestic economic crises. During the presentation she touched on Russia’s lack of cohesion in the European financial agenda, political instability in the Middle East, and even domestic education issues.

But it was the VP topic that thrilled the audience.
B-Diddy is going to pissed. He has been sending me emails all week supporting the notion that Dr. Rice would be an excellent choice for the Republican ticket.

...and I agree with his emails. She would be a great candidate for Vice President. However, it does not appear that she is very interested in the job.

Photo: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld speaks to reporters as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice listens in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 27, 2006. Rumsfeld and Rice made an unannounced visit to Iraq to meet with senior military commanders and government officials, including Iraq's new Prime Minister designate Jawad al-Maliki. DoD photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy. (Released)