Mitt Romney Ad: "Day 1"

This is Mitt Romney's first televised political ad for the 2012 general election; "Day 1".

Many pundits are lauding it as a positive spot that shows voters what Mitt Romney's plan will be -- should he be elected to replace President Obama.

While I agree that the tone is positive, I must admit that I am a bit stymied by the notion that Romney is presenting here.

The idea that someone -- anyone -- could step into the Presidency and make the kind of sweeping changes that Romney is suggesting on the first day is a stretch. To put it lightly.

1) Approval of the Keystone Pipeline? Okay, I can see that one. Not too much to that, probably signing a few papers to get the proverbial ball rolling.

2) Introduction of tax cuts and reforms? The key word here is introduction. A President Romney won't actually be able to pass anything on Day 1. Much like our current President, Romney would have to deal with a divided Congress, and that is anything but a cake walk.

3) End 'Obamacare'? Like the previous point, there really wouldn't be much to this one. A presser and some rhetoric, but to actually PUT AN END to the law? That's going to take months -- even years to accomplish. President Obama rammed the bill through a fully Democratically-controlled Congress -- and even that took months.

Bottom line: Day 1 will really only be speeches and the laying out of his plan for what would seem like the first year in office.

All of that said, at least Romney is demonstrating what his vision is -- rather than tearing down his rival.