Mitt Romney iPhone App Misspells America

Fury sent this my way yesterday. Wow:
It's probably not the kind of thing voters will use to choose the leader of the free world.
But the Web was taking no shortage of presidential potshots Wednesday over Republican candidate Mitt Romney's new mobile app, which embarrassingly misspelled "America."

Yes, Internet. Welcome to AMERCIA.

"Sorry about the shaking California, that was just the rest of America laughing at Mitt Romney running for Pres. of #Amercia," wrote a person behind a parody President Obama account on Twitter (referencing a minor earthquake late Tuesday).

The gaffe, presumably by some poor developer hired by the campaign, appears on "With Mitt," the campaign's newly released iPhone app. The app invites users to photograph themselves with their choice of 14 pro-Romney slogans such as "I'm a Mom For Mitt," "Obama Isn't Working" and "The America We Love," and then share them on social media.

But one of the slogans reads, "A Better Amercia." Oops. Somebody didn't observe the "I-before-C" rule.

An update to the "With Mitt" app, with the typo corrected, became available at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday. No one with the campaign was speaking on the record about it, but staffers were downplaying its importance in the run-up to November. By Wednesday afternoon, the campaign also had paid for a "promoted tweet" that appears when a Twitter users searches for "Amercia."
Definitely a side-show, as nobody in their right mind would cast a vote based solely on a campaign's ability to spell.

(although, it didn't work out so well for "Johm McCain"...)

These things happen, and it's important that Romney's campaign simply glaze over this -- essentially ignore it -- and it will go away. After the Democrats stop laughing.

Photo: CNN