Rick Santorum's Endorsement "Bush League"

Scarborough is not mincing words here:
Bottom line, Willie, this is bush league. if you don't want to endorse him, don't. That's fine. People will respect you for not endorsing him. Don't have it both ways, endorse in the 13th paragraph. Be a man and say 'I can't endorse him' or come out and endorse him.
Clearly Santorum is free to do and say what he'd like with regard to the eventual nominee of the Republican party. However, by giving a less-than-enthusiastic endorsement (11:00 p.m. email, in which the actual "I support Mitt Romney" part comes 13 paragraphs in), Rick Santorum is definitely showing that he is displeased with the his outcome in the Republican primary race.

Scarborough and company are correct here; Santorum should have either given a full-fledged endorsement, complete with an in-person appearance a la Donald Trump (ugh), or he should simply have just shut up.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that there is a very good chance that Rick Santorum has ruined the possibility of any future opportunities in a President Romney administration. At the very least. At most, future opportunities in the Republican party...

The question that I am left asking myself is, what Santorum adviser green-lit this endorsement (or rather, style of endorsement)? What political operative would think that Santorum thumbing his nose at Mitt Romney -- the de facto GOP nominee for President -- would be a good idea?