Ron Paul Still Able To Nip At Mitt Romney's Heels

[M. Wuerker, Wuerking Drawings]

There may not be a clear mathematical path to the nomination for Dr. Paul -- but he can still make a stink at the Convention in August:
The congressman, who has been very persistent on the need for dramatic fiscal reform, didn’t offer any specifics on his convention ambitions other than reiterate that he’s passionate about changing the direction of the Republican Party.

Rumors have swirled that Paul plans to muscle his delegate heft into a major Primetime speaking role at the convention. Paul says that’s simply not true.

“Giving a speech for the sake of giving a speech that is edited doesn’t have much appeal to me,” said Paul.

“But moving an agenda is very important and to do that we need to maximize the number of delegates that we have.”

Paul and his well-organized network of faithful supporters are using gatherings of conservative voters at state party conventions to peel away delegates that were awarded to Mr. Romney during the primaries and caucuses.


The congressman will arrive in Tampa not having won a single state election contest. But holding an outsized number of delegates, but far from the number needed to give him a real shot at the nomination on the first ballot.

As ABC News’ Christopher Goode noted, when the delegates are not voting on the nominee, they can do whatever they want at the convention, regardless of whether or not they’re bound to vote for Romney.

Paul can push hard to be included in the platform debates, shaping the party’s official platform on the Federal Reserve, Iraq and Afghanistan, drug policy which are different from Romney.
I'd love to see Ron Paul in a prime-time speech at the Republican Convention. However, I think that we all know that won't be happening.

While Paul shares a fiscal discipline platform (theory) with the Republican Party, he does not fall lock-step with a whole host of other big issues. I daresay that the mainstream GOP folks would cringe through 90 percent of a Ron Paul speech on the convention floor.

And, I can almost hear the raucous booing from the crowd, and the incessant chants of "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" to drown out Paul's anti-war, anti-Fed talking points.