Time To Face The Strange


So, I've been somewhat absent the blog lately. Mea culpa. As you may or may not know, I work in higher education. Enrollment management, to be specific.

What does that mean for me right now? Four words: National candidate reply date.

The National Candidate Reply Date -- May 1st -- is the date by which all high school seniors are supposed to contact each college/university to which they have applied and inform them of their college decision.

On most schools' websites, this is noted as "your deadline to accept your offer of admission".

How does this affect me and my work? Busy. For nearly the entire month of April, and in particular the week leading up to May 1st. Emails, phone calls and even walk-in appointments in my office. General craziness.

Now it is May 3rd and things are starting to calm down. Operative word here is starting.

Which brings me to my next point of order: changes to the site. Not visual changes, mind you. I really like the current look, design, feel and layout of the site -- and readers have responded positively as well. Rather, I'm talking about changes in the way that information is presented. Specifically, the frequency with which information is presented.

If I could go back to sitting around all day and blogging in my pajamas, I would. That sh*t was fun. However, as my life is dictated by the reality that I need to make money to support my family, I cannot. I'm a professional. I work a "real" job (that I also enjoy, I might add). I can't be blogging at my desk when I have a work-related punch-list that at times can get pretty lengthy.

Am I giving up blogging entirely? No. Hell no. Absolutely not. I love the spontaneous nature of what I write (this very post, for example) and I don't ever want to silence my political voice. That said, I am simply unable to post with the frequency of 2008 (upwards of 30 entries per day), or even 2010 to recent months (5 to 10 entries per day). I'm thinking that a more realistic goal of 5 to 10 posts per week is something to which I am going to commit (but not punish myself if I fail to meet that goal).

Also worthy of note will be the content that is posted here.

Since 2007 (yikes!), this site has been my outlet for mostly political banter. I occasionally sprinkle in tid-bits about movies or music -- but the site has always primarily dealt with politics. I've decided that, going forward, I'm going to use this space to talk about, well, whatever the hell I feel like. I'm sure that you'll still get my political thoughts, but I'm also inclined to begin writing about education, movies, music, and technology as well.

I hope that this change does not frighten those of you who are regular readers. On the contrary, I hope that you'll continue to come back for a variety of reasons.

And, I also hope that this new(ish) direction will attract new readers -- and contributors.

As always, stay tuned. That is, if you haven't already tuned out...