Odds That President Obama Will Call Trump A Jackass...

Paddy Power, an online betting company, is offering 5-to-1 odds that President Obama will "announce that Trump is a Jackass". From yesterday's press release:
Paddy Power, the online betting firm which was taking bets on what Donald Trump’s big announcement would be, has tonight refunded just over $500 placed on the betting line following Trump’s anticlimactic challenge to Barack Obama.

FĂ©ilim Mac An Iomaire, a spokesperson for Paddy Power said “Donald Trump had us all on the edge of our seat anticipating a game changing announcement and we get this!? We imagine that those who bet on the announcement feel as cheated as we do and that the only fair thing to do is to refund them their stakes.”

However, Paddy Power are now offering odds of 12/1 on the current President accepting the billionaires challenge while it’s a far more likely 5/1 that Obama will make an announcement of his own calling the Donald a Jackass!

Trump Deal Specials
12/1 Obama to announce that he will accept Trump’s deal (Without Qualifications)
5/1 Obama to announce that Trump is a Jackass
25/1 Romney to add $5 million to Trumps offer