Romney Campaign Sign: "Vote For The Americans"

Here we go.

So, I was doing some work-related traveling in western Pennsylvania recently (go Steelers!), when I happened upon this campaign sign along the roadside. If you are unable to read the grainy image, the sign says:
Vote for the AMERICANS: Romney - Ryan

Of course, the inference here is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the real "Americans" in the Presidential race. So by default, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not -- or at the very least are somehow unAmerican.

This is a great example of why I haven't written much anything lately; I hate what politics has become.

I know, I know -- it's always been this way. Politicians are slugging it out on the campaign trail and on the airwaves, while supporters are putting up signs in their front yards and on the side of the road.

That may very well be, but I feel like it has gotten worse this time around.

Oh sure, there were plenty of "Obama's a sekrit Muslim" in the 2008 campaign, not to mention the Jeremiah Wright stuff (heh).

But, after four years of being the friggin' President of the United States, I thought that signs like this one, and the general suspicion that President Obama is somehow 'not one of us', might be fewer and farther between.

Not so much.

Look, there are dozens of reasons to not vote for the re-election of President Obama. You can criticize him on a great many things if you'd like. But to assert that he is somehow not an American is just plain, well, dumb.