Bass In Your Face: BassBuds Make A Great Gift

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So, a few weeks ago I was contacted about the possibility of writing a product review for a new brand of earphones called "BassBuds". Seeing as how I consider myself something of an audiophile, I figured that I'd give it a go. At the very least, I was looking at a sample pair of new earphones. Win.

Having spent some time using the buds, I am very glad that I agreed to check them out.

Before I even get into the actual sound of the BassBuds, I have to comment on the aesthetic.

The buds come in a nice box. The packaging reminds me of something like what fine jewelry would come in -- even though I am not a guy who buys lots of fine jewelry.

When you open the box, you see the BassBuds displayed quite nicely. Again, the jewelry similarities abound -- but not just in the packaging. You'll notice the Swarovski Elements ("fine cut crystals embedded in the design") on the actual earphones:

[Sorry, I couldn't get a good close-up of my pair of buds]

Further, along with the nice packaging and the earphones, you also get multiple sets of replacement silicone and "memory foam" buds, and a protective "Bass Bag" to hold your phone or mp3 player:

Okay, enough of the bells 'n' whistles.

I listen to a wide variety of music, and therefore require the audio equipment that I use to sound good, no matter the genre of music.

I tested my BassBuds with songs in this order: In my experience, headphones usually sound good for one style of music, but lack positive qualities for others. Too much bass for a hard rock song, not enough bass for a hip-hop song, not enough highs for a classical piece.

Much to my surprise, everything sounded great.

The high pitches of the drums and guitar riffs in "Rope" were matched quite well by the bass guitar. The heavy kick drum and bassline in "Umbrella" did not drown out the snare and high-hat. "Clair de Lune" was just a beautiful experience, all around.

It seems to me that BassBuds are trying to compete with other high-end audio accessories such as the very popular "Beats by Dre" -- whose 'buds' (not the earphone 'cans') range from $99 to $149.

Conversely, the pair of BassBuds that were sent to me (Platinum) start at $85.

Add to the delicious sound the fact that the earphones are lightweight, have a "tangle-free" cord (my other earphones are CONSTANTLY in knots), and have a very clever built-in microphone and mp3 controller, I must say that I would consider these as an excellent gift purchase for the audiophile in your life.


If so, you can go to the BassBuds US website and get a $30 discount by using coupon code BB59762.

If you do decide to get a pair of these, shoot me an email and let me know what you think!