For Romney/Ryan, Pennsylvania Is The New Ohio

Per ABC's The Note:
All the body language from the Romney campaign suggests that they see Ohio as a long-shot. Instead, it is now Pennsylvania that paves their path to 270. The Keystone state has eluded plenty of industrious and hopeful Republicans before Romney. While the western and central parts of the state tilt red, the city of Philadelphia and its sprawling and populous suburbs are the key to winning the state. And, those Philly suburbs, once a GOP bastion, have been voting Democratic for the last dozen years.

If you want to know if Romney can pull off a Pennsylvania surprise, watch the following counties tonight: Bucks, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery. Obama carried all of them by at least 54 percent. Romney can’t win the state and lose those suburbs by that kind of margin. Also, check out the Philadelphia margin. Last time, Obama racked up 83 percent and logged over 574,000 votes from the City of Brotherly Love. Again, if Romney is to prevail, he can’t come out of the city down 400,000 votes.
Interesting. But I find it extremely difficult to believe that Romney -- and the GOP in general -- will simply throw in the proverbial towel in Ohio. A long-shot? Sure. But then again, Romney's nomination was a long-shot at one point.

Several times, actually.