Linda McMahon: Vote For Barack Obama, And Me

Connecticut Republican Senate nominee Linda McMahon has been telling voters lately that it’s okay to vote for President Obama as well as her. Now she’s taking it a step further — and getting about as far away from her own party’s nominee for president as she can — and actually urging voters to cast their ballots for Obama as well as in the final days of the campaign.

McMahon campaign doorhangers that Democrats say they’ve discovered in minority neighborhoods this weekend couldn’t make it more clear: “Vote Barack Obama For President and Vote Linda McMahon For U.S. Senate,” they read. It’s a surprising suggestion from a Republican who, along with her husband, has given $150,000 to help make Romney the next president of the United States.

The McMahon campaign says she’s still backing Romney.
McMahon is "still backing Romney" -- but clearly has something of an affinity for President Obama, no?

What is it that 'they' say? "Politics makes strange bedfellows." Yeah. That's the truth.

Head nod: Doug