On Mitt Romney Campaigning In Pennsylvania

TPW and I were just talking about this on the way to work this morning. Why haven't the candidates campaigned in the Keystone State? At all?! Given that Pennsylvania is something of a swing state -- not to mention that we are worth 20 electoral college votes -- I would think that there would be more of an emphasis on courting voters here.

That said, our thinking is that, even though Pennsylvania is very "purple" (very blue in the cities, but extremely red in the center), citizens of the Keystone State have voted for a Democrat in the last five presidential elections in a row.

It seems that the GOP has simply written us off.

But, now Mitt Romney appears to be changing his mind. Why? The folks at Firstread have something of a speculative explanation:
How to view Romney’s move into Pennsylvania: There are two ways to interpret Mitt Romney’s decision to campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday. Either it’s a move to run up the score (trying to get to 300 electoral votes) and project more momentum, or it’s an effort to search for another path to 270 electoral votes. Ask yourself what is the more likely option, and it’s hard to ignore the latter. Consider: Most public polls continue to show Obama leading slightly in Ohio, and Romney hasn’t made a serious campaign effort in Keystone State since the primaries. Indeed, it’s difficult not to compare this move to an on-side kick in football -- when you’re behind by a touchdown with a few ticks on the clock left.

Either way, I'm just glad that he is just starting -- with only four days left to the election. This way, I didn't have to put up with the deluge of swing-state attack ads. I'm sure that the folks in Florida and Ohio are ready to throw their televisions out of the window... or gouge out their eyeballs.