Follow-Up On My BassBuds Review

Back in November, I did a product review for a new line of earphones called BassBuds. At the time, I was quite pleased with the product:
In my experience, headphones usually sound good for one style of music, but lack positive qualities for others. Too much bass for a hard rock song, not enough bass for a hip-hop song, not enough highs for a classical piece.

Much to my surprise, everything sounded great.


Add to the delicious sound the fact that the earphones are lightweight, have a "tangle-free" cord (my other earphones are CONSTANTLY in knots), and have a very clever built-in microphone and mp3 controller, I must say that I would consider these as an excellent gift purchase for the audiophile in your life.
Well, it's been roughly two months since that initial review. In that time, I have been using my BassBuds on a daily basis.

At first, I only used them on my walk to work. TPW drops me off about a 1/4 mile from my office building. I pop my buds in and walk that distance while listening to music. I do this twice a day.

However, I have also been using a set of Sony earbuds while I'm on my exercise bike every morning. Since the BassBuds fit my ears so well, and the sound quality is far superior, I have taken to using them during my morning exercises as well.

After spending even more quality time with these earbuds, I am pleased to affirm my initial enthusiasm about the product. BassBuds continue to impress me with the tangle-free cord, built-in phone and mp3 controller, and -- most importantly -- superior sound quality.

For more info, visit the BassBuds website and don't forget that you can get a $30 discount by using our promo code: BB59762.