Sarah Palin Is Out At Fox News

Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming...
Fox News has indeed parted ways with Ms. Palin, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee, a Fox spokeswoman confirmed on Friday, reducing if not altogether ending her exposure to the channel’s millions of loyal viewers.

It was unclear whether the parting was Ms. Palin’s choice, but several people described it as amicable. Bill Shine, an executive vice president at Fox, said in a statement, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Ms. Palin, a prominent contributor to programs like ”On the Record,” last appeared on Fox News in mid-December. As of last week, she was negotiating with the network for a new contract. Her original contract, which started in January 2010 and ended this month, was reportedly worth $1 million a year to Ms. Palin. She had a small television studio built in her home in Wasilla, Alaska, for easy access to Fox’s viewing audience. Fox had no comment on the terms that had been offered during this round of negotiations.
Aside from doing a cookbook, or perhaps other self-help types of things, I think that we won't be seeing much more of Sarah Palin. At least, not in politics.

After the 2008 presidential election furor died down, what has Sarah Palin done? Appeared on Fox News to give her opinion regarding the 2010 mid-term elections, and the Republican primaries in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential election. That's. About. It.

While the former Alaskan Governor still has a very solid base of supporters in the conservative movement, they are not enough to make a legitimate run for the presidency. Oh sure, she would grab the attention of the media, but she would never make it through the primaries for her party. And I think that she wouldn't want to go through all of that anyway.

My guess is that we'll see less and less of her as the years past -- to the point that she'll only be a footnote in presidential election history.