Sarah Palin Blasts White House Correspondent's Dinner

Sarah Palin took to Twitter on Saturday, bashing the White House Correspondent's Dinner:

So, this is Sarah Palin in 2011, when she was attending a White House Correspondent's Dinner after-party, apparently as a "DC assclown":

Look, I'm no fan of the White House Correspondent's Dinner. It's a night of glad-handing and puffed-up self-congratulatory bullsh*t. BUT, Sarah Palin is pretty stupid for criticizing those who were there.

Both Todd Palin and daughter Bristol have attended in the past.

Sarah attended several after-parties in 2011 (see above picture), which demonstrates more than just a bit of hypocrisy here. Additionally, had the McCain/Palin ticket won the presidential election in 2008, the former Governor of Alaska would have undoubtedly been in attendance at the actual event each year, "yukking it up" with the "media and pols".