Flipping Out: Flips Audio Product Review (#solo2social)

And here we are with yet another product review. I love this stuff.

Late last week, I received a pair of black/electric lime Flips headphones. Very cool product.

Flips are not earbuds, like I've reviewed before. They are full-tilt headphones. Cans. Earmuffs. The big boys. But, unlike other big boys on the market, Flips have a unique quality; they are personal headphones, but can be transformed into a miniature speaker system. Observe (and please forgive the poor image quality)...

Regular headphones:

"Flipped" into speakers:

When using Flips as personal headphones, the speakers are powered by your audio device (in my case, I used my iPhone). However, when you "flip" the headset into portable speakers, they are powered by a 3.7V, 500mAH Li-Polymer Battery that you charge and re-charge using a Micro USB.

Since I am a fan of hip-hop, I immediately strapped the Flips to my head and cued up some Beastie Boys, and followed that with some Tribe.

As headphones, the lows are fantastic. Even at high volume, the distortion in the bass is very minimal. I have found that, typically, larger "can" headphones do not produce strong lows. Not the case with the Flips.

However, much to my surprise, it is the high-tones that I felt were just a bit lacking. Again, there was minimal distortion, which is good, but I found myself reaching for the EQ settings on my phone so that I could increase the treble. Not a huge negative, but something that I was not expecting.

Meanwhile, when you "flip" the headphones and turn them into the portable speaker (the "social" version), the sound quality is again, quite good. On the Flips website it is described as "a crowd pleasing listening experience". Honestly, I have some doubts about whether or not you can 'please a crowd', as they are still relatively small speakers (for example, you are still going to want to hire a deejay for your wedding reception). But, the sound produced was more-than-sufficient to have a mini-dance party with my kids. We rocked out to some Chemical Brothers and some Daft Punk, and had a great time.

The Flips fold to become more compact and come in a very cool carrying case:


One of the features that I find most interesting (and TPW simply LOVES) is that when the headphones are "flipped" into speaker mode, the volume level dramatically increases -- but when you "flip" them back to headphones, there is a "safety shut-off" that decreases the volume for a single listener.

Additionally, here is a promo video from the manufacturer:

So, the Flips retail for $120 (US) and can be purchased on the Flips Audio website as well as at your local Wal-Mart. However, if you purchase from the Flips website, I have procured a pretty good discount on the headphones, as well as shipping, for readers of our site:
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