This is a blog. I know -- shocking.

Since it is a blog, it clearly is not a peer-reviewed journal, a final archive of writing, a sponsored publication, or the product of hours and hours of editing, revising and editing some more. That means that while the ideas and thoughts presented here are often poignant and the product of a long gestational period, the writing itself is not. My writing and writing style are spontaneous, off-the-cuff, unrevised, and corrected only when I've noticed grammatical errors on the site. And I hate it when that happens.

It would be most unwise to make an attempt -- veiled or not, intentional or not -- to connect my writing here with my professional and personal life. Clearly, these artful, yet inconsequential smatterings of thought do not represent the intentions, plans, thoughts or strategies of my employer or anyone else at the institution of my employment. These things are solely my opinion -- or the opinion of one of our other contributors at this beacon of political thought that is

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